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President Museveni Courts Egyptian Investors to Boost Uganda’s Infrastructure and Agro-Processing Sector



Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni hosted a high-profile meeting with a delegation of Egyptian investors at the Statehouse in Entebbe today.

The visiting delegation, led by Dato Arshad Mahmood, Chairman of the International Investment Consortium, engaged in discussions on potential investment opportunities within Uganda.

During the meeting, President Museveni underscored the critical role of robust infrastructure in facilitating successful business operations. He emphasized the need for significant developments in roads, railways, and water systems to create a conducive environment for investment and economic growth.

President Museveni (white shirt) with Egyptian investors

“I had a meeting today with a group of Egyptian investors at Statehouse, Entebbe,” President Museveni announced. “Infrastructure is a key component for the success of any business venture, and we discussed the vital importance of improving our roads, railways, and water systems to enhance the business landscape in Uganda.”

President Museveni also took the opportunity to showcase the strength of Uganda’s agro-processing sector, urging the Egyptian investors to explore the lucrative opportunities available in various sectors such as coffee roasting, textiles, fruit processing, dairy, and mining.

“The agro-processing sector in Uganda is thriving, and I encourage our Egyptian friends to consider investing in sectors like coffee roasting, textiles, fruit processing, dairy, and mining. These areas present significant opportunities for growth and can contribute to the overall development of our nations,” President Museveni remarked.

Expressing optimism about the potential collaboration, President Museveni welcomed the Egyptian investors and extended his best wishes for their endeavors in Uganda. The meeting highlighted the commitment of both nations to strengthen economic cooperation and explore avenues for mutual benefit.

Dato Arshad Mahmood, Chairman of the International Investment Consortium, conveyed his appreciation for the warm reception and expressed his delegation’s eagerness to explore the investment opportunities presented by President Museveni.

“We are honored to have engaged in fruitful discussions with President Museveni and his team. Uganda’s commitment to improving infrastructure and the strength of its agro-processing sector make it an attractive destination for investment. We look forward to contributing to the economic development of Uganda and fostering enduring partnerships between our nations,” Dato Arshad Mahmood stated.

The meeting between President Museveni and the Egyptian investors marks a significant step towards enhancing economic cooperation, opening new avenues for investment, and fostering long-term partnerships between Uganda and Egypt.

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