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First Lady Janet Museveni Urges Greenberg and Team to Show Uganda’s Splendor to the World



Uganda's First Lady Maama Janet Museveni (L) with Producer Peter Greenberg

Uganda’s First Lady, Janet Museveni, welcomed Emmy Award-winning producer Peter Greenberg and his team. The courtesy visit included discussions on promoting Uganda’s rich biodiversity and showcasing the country’s natural wonders to a global audience.

During the meeting, Mrs. Museveni expressed her appreciation for Greenberg and his team, highlighting the challenges they faced while climbing the Bwindi mountains and participating in the unique experience of gorilla trekking. She commended their dedication to exploring Uganda’s natural beauty, emphasizing the importance of such visits in fostering positive perceptions of the country.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Greenberg, an Emmy Award-winning producer, and his team during their courtesy visit to the State House in Nakasero. We greatly appreciate their visit to Uganda, especially considering the challenging journey they took to climb the Bwindi mountains and partake in gorilla trekking,” said Mrs. Museveni.

The First Lady extended her gratitude for the team’s efforts to immerse themselves in the local culture and environment, expressing hope that their experiences would strengthen their fondness for Uganda. She went on to express a desire for them to return soon, not only as visitors but as potential ambassadors for the country.

“I pray this experience strengthens their fondness for Uganda and sparks a desire to return soon. I encourage them not only to revisit Uganda but also to share the fruits of their labor by presenting the footage they have filmed for the people of Uganda to enjoy,” she added.

Mrs. Museveni further encouraged Greenberg and his team to showcase the beauty of Uganda through their work, fostering a deeper understanding of the country’s diverse landscapes and wildlife. She emphasized the potential positive impact of their footage on tourism, cultural exchange, and global appreciation for Uganda’s unique offerings.

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