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ITHUBA Uganda Celebrates Three Winners in Daily Lotto



ITHUBA Uganda, the official operator of Uganda’s inaugural National Lottery, announced the emergence of three lucky winners in their renowned Daily Lotto. The head office in Kampala buzzed with anticipation as the first winners stepped forward to validate and collect their prizes.

Each of the fortunate winners has been bestowed with a substantial sum of UGX 8,012,800 through the Daily Lotto’s jackpot game. To respect their privacy, the identities of the winners have been kept confidential.

The first winner, a devoted single mother of two, expressed her plans to utilize the winnings to complete the construction of her father’s home. Her unwavering dedication to her family and perseverance has now been handsomely rewarded.

Similarly, the second winner, also a mother, finds herself responsible for the care of three children of her own along with four additional children. Her decision to purchase a ticket at her local shop led to a life-altering win of over UGX 8 million, underscoring the transformative potential of the Daily Lotto.

For the third winner, a 40-year-old gentleman, fortune seems to favor him twice over. Having previously won $12,000 in the Australian lottery, he now adds over UGX 8 million to his winnings from the Uganda National Lottery, proving that lightning can indeed strike twice.

Ms Michelle van Trotsenburg, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at ITHUBA Uganda, expressed her delight at the winners’ success, stating, “We are overjoyed to witness the positive impact the Daily Lotto is making on the lives of individuals. These tales of jubilation and optimism reaffirm our commitment to providing a fair and exhilarating lottery experience for all Ugandans.”

Winners have 180 days from the draw date to claim their prizes, which are tax-free and disbursed solely to individuals presenting a valid winning ticket. Participants are urged to exercise caution against potential scams and to play responsibly.

ITHUBA Uganda, authorized and regulated by the National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (NLGRB), is dedicated to transforming the National Lottery into a source of prosperity for Ugandans. With a decade-long license, the organization aims to establish benchmarks of ethical and efficient conduct in National Lottery operations.

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