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Rwabwogo’s PACEID-Led Delegation Champions Ugandan Agricultural Trade Expansion in China



A delegation of nine representatives from Uganda’s trade and exports sector, spearheaded by Mr. Odrek Rwabwogo, Chairman of the Exports and Industry Advisory Committee (PACEID), on Friday met with Chinese agro-industrial companies in in Guangzhou, Guangdong province of China.

Their mission: to engage with numerous firms in Guangzhou, Guangdong province of China, urging them to recognize Uganda as a prime source for high-quality agricultural products.

The meeting, hosted at the Oriental Resort Hotel just outside Shenzhen city, drew over 80 attendees, including product buyers, agriculture investors, and representatives from various sectors such as mining, electronics, logistics, and education services. Mr. Rwabwogo commended China’s leadership since 1949 for its exemplary national rejuvenation, highlighting the city of Shenzhen as a trailblazer in economic development through its pioneering Free Zone export initiatives.

Mr Odrek Rwabwogo (L) led the delegation to China

Co-hosted by the Institute of African Studies of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and CN Light Technologies, a prominent manufacturer of LED screens, computers, electronics, and household goods, the event coincided with the annual Canton Trade Fair in Shenzhen.

During the gathering, Prof. Liu Jisen, head of the Institute of African Studies, emphasized the importance of sustainable supply chains, urging Ugandan producers to ensure consistency in meeting China’s import demands. He underscored the necessity for Uganda to enhance its standards and compliance measures, particularly in food safety protocols, to bolster its position in the Chinese market.

Despite China’s significant annual exports to Uganda exceeding USD 1.3 billion, Ugandan firms have struggled to tap into the vast potential, with exports to China totaling less than USD 100 million last year. Recognizing this untapped opportunity, Mr. Rwabwogo outlined Uganda’s efforts to enhance infrastructure, streamline regulations, and promote awareness about its products to attract more investments and buyers.

Moreover, Uganda’s Consul General to Guangzhou, Dr. Judith Nsababeera, announced plans to establish an information center and Trade Hub for Ugandan products in collaboration with PACEID, further bolstering Uganda’s presence in the Chinese market.

In a pivotal moment, the delegation visited CN Light Technologies, where discussions culminated in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the company and PACEID, signaling a commitment to explore opportunities for Ugandan products and investments in mining and agriculture.

Following these engagements, the PACEID team continued its exploration of opportunities in the Foshan region, inspecting computer production plants, textile companies, and meeting with retailers of agricultural products, further solidifying Uganda’s foothold in the Chinese market.

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