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Uganda’s Flower Exports to Flourish as UK Cuts Tariffs in Trade Boost



In a move that promises to invigorate Uganda’s floriculture sector, the United Kingdom has announced a temporary halt to the Global Tariff on cut flowers, heralding a period of growth and enhanced trade relations between Uganda and the UK.

Effective today, this suspension eliminates the 8% duty on cut flowers, enabling Ugandan growers to export unlimited quantities of flowers to the UK at zero tariff until June 30, 2026.

This pivotal decision is set to significantly lower operational costs for Ugandan exporters, especially beneficial as many rely on routing their blooms through third countries or auction houses en route to the UK. The initiative is expected to boost Uganda’s flower industry, which is a vital component of the nation’s economy, providing employment and contributing to its GDP.

John Humphrey, His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Africa, emphasized the mutual benefits of this arrangement, saying, “This additional flower power will allow trade to bloom… further reinforcing the UK’s commitment to the expansion of trade in East Africa.” His remarks underscore the strategic importance of Uganda and its East African neighbors in the UK’s trade policy, aiming to foster economic growth and sustainability.

Uganda, renowned for its diverse floral varieties, has seen steady growth in its floriculture exports over the years. In 2023, the UK imported flowers worth £1.1 million from Uganda, a figure that is expected to rise significantly with the new tariff suspension. The policy not only opens up new opportunities for Uganda’s flower exporters but also enhances the variety and affordability of flowers for UK consumers.

The floriculture sector in Uganda stands to benefit immensely from this tariff suspension, as it allows for greater market access and competitiveness in the UK. With the UK being one of the largest consumers of cut flowers, Ugandan exporters are poised to capitalize on this opportunity to expand their market share and foster long-term growth.

This development marks a significant milestone in Uganda-UK trade relations, promising a vibrant future for Uganda’s flower industry.

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