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Museveni Warns Against Foreign Interference and Corruption in Politics



Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has delivered a stern warning against foreign interference and corruption within the country’s political arena.

Museveni sounded the warning during the State of the Nation Address on Thursday afternoon at Kololo Independence Grounds.

“There are however some actors that get money from foreigners to work for foreign interest, these are both corrupt and traitors and we are monitoring their activities. If they don’t stop and with evidence, we shall deal with them also. As part of fighting corruption it is crucial to save the amateurish political actors who come to politics without knowing that leading people doesn’t mean carrying them on your head,” Museveni said.

Reflecting on past attempts to undermine Uganda’s revolution through parliamentary channels, President Museveni commended the collaboration between Parliament and the Executive in safeguarding the nation’s interests. However, he raised concerns about external perceptions of Speaker Among’s effectiveness, cautioning against equating her commitment to governance with a lack of resistance against government initiatives.

“In the past, there was a risky and shallow tendency by some actors that would try to use Parliament to undermine the Ugandan revolution, which is part of the African revolution, this of course was a miscalculation that was provocative, but we managed to handle it peacefully,” the president said before adding;

“I am told that some of the foreigners because Among doesn’t undermine the Executive, she isn’t a good Speaker, because she should doesn’t okulemesa (derail) Government, very risky miscalculation.”

President Museveni highlighted the insidious influence of foreign actors who seek to manipulate Uganda’s political landscape for their own gain, warning against the acceptance of money from external sources in exchange for undermining the nation’s sovereignty.

He likened corrupt individuals to foreign agents, emphasizing the need for vigilance and unity in combating such threats.

The President underscored the government’s unwavering commitment to rooting out corruption and defending Uganda’s autonomy against external pressures. He urged political actors to prioritize national interests over personal agendas, emphasizing the importance of unity and resilience in safeguarding Uganda’s future prosperity.