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Entebbe Airport Revamp Amid Surge: Over 6,000 Monthly Passengers



Mr Fred Bamwesigye, the Director General of Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), addressed a press briefing on Friday, providing crucial updates on the ongoing renovation of Entebbe International Airport. The renovations aim to enhance the airport’s capacity to accommodate the growing influx of passengers.

Bamwesigye highlighted significant improvements, particularly in the construction of the new terminal building, which is slated for completion in July 2024. Upon its completion, the terminal’s capacity will be substantially increased from the previous maximum of 2 million passengers per year to at least 3.5 million passengers. This expansion is essential to cope with the escalating traffic at the airport.

The press briefing included staggering statistics reflecting the surge in passenger numbers at Entebbe International Airport. In March 2024 alone, the airport handled 80,719 arriving and 91,271 departing passengers, totaling 171,990 international passengers. This averages to approximately 5,548 passengers per day. Bamwesigye emphasized that this increase is indicative of a broader trend, with traffic consistently surpassing 6,000 passengers per month in the preceding three months.

The Director General also provided comparisons to pre-pandemic figures, illustrating the rebound in air travel. In 2023, Entebbe International Airport recorded a total of 1.93 million passengers, exceeding the pre-COVID-19 pandemic figure of 1.8 million passengers in 2019.

Bamwesigye underscored the importance of the ongoing renovation projects and the development of new facilities in addressing the escalating traffic at the airport. These initiatives aim to enhance passenger experience, streamline operations, and position Entebbe International Airport as a leading aviation hub in the region.

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