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Uganda, Netherlands Ink Deal on Migration



Maj Gen Apollo Kasiita-Gowa, Director of Immigration at Uganda’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, met today with a high-level delegation from the Ministry of Justice and Security of the Kingdom of Netherlands. The purpose of the meeting was to finalize the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) focused on enhancing collaboration in migration matters.

The Dutch delegation was led by R. Van Bokhoven, the Director of International Affairs of the Repatriation and Departure. The MoU aims to strengthen the partnership between Uganda and the Netherlands in combatting migrant smuggling and human trafficking. Additionally, it will facilitate the reintegration of migrants, showcasing a shared commitment to addressing these pressing global issues.

Gen Kasiita-Gowa emphasized the importance of this agreement in bolstering Uganda’s efforts to manage migration challenges effectively.

R. Van Bokhoven echoed this sentiment, highlighting the Netherlands’ commitment to supporting Uganda in its migration management initiatives.

The meeting was attended by key stakeholders, including Commissioners from Immigration, Foreign Affairs, the National Bureau for NGOs, and representatives from the Dutch Embassy. Their presence highlights the collaborative approach and the broad support for the initiatives outlined in the MoU.

This agreement is expected to foster closer cooperation between the two nations, enabling more effective strategies and actions in dealing with migration-related challenges.