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Putin’s ‘Adopted’ Ugandan Son Akampurira Reunites with Russian President, Shares Life-Changing Impact



Davis Akampurira shakes hands with Russian President Putin

Ugandan Youth Leader Davis Akampurira has given testimony about his life-changing moment when he met Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Akampurira, along with Urwa Tariq Muhammad from the UAE and Lucas Adrian Garcia from Argentina, shared their impressions of Russia’s World Youth Festival with the President when they met him again on Monday. They also discussed their plans for fostering international cooperation in youth affairs.

Davis is part of the International Youth Council, currently ongoing in Moscow, that has brought together representatives from 117 countries. This council aims to establish a platform for delegates who lead their respective national preparatory committees for the festival. Head of the Russian Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, Ksenia Razuvayeva, informed President Putin about the delegates’ participation in various youth events across Russian regions. A forum for young journalists from around the globe is also scheduled for the end of the year, along with the creation of an international association of citizen journalism.

Akampurira, who shot to fame after asking to become President Putin’s African son in March, recounted how his meeting with the Russian leader has profoundly impacted his life.

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“It changed my life in my country. Thanks to this, I have attracted a lot of media attention and improved my political career. And I hope many more good things will happen,” Akampurira said during a meeting of the youth festival participants with First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Kirienko.

Kirienko revealed that President Putin regularly inquires about Akampurira, referring to him affectionately as “his African son.” This endearing relationship was cemented when Akampurira asked Putin a question and had his picture taken with him. During their conversation, Akampurira expressed his desire to have Putin as his mentor, stating, “I want to become his son from Africa.” In response, Putin warmly acknowledged him as a son.

The World Youth Festival and the ongoing international youth council continue to be significant events, fostering international cooperation and understanding among young leaders from around the world. Akampurira’s story is a testament to the festival’s impact, demonstrating how cross-cultural interactions can shape future leaders and inspire positive change.

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