PHOTOS: Uganda Christian University Commemorates Launch of 50 Years of Uganda-Cuba Diplomatic Ties with Grand Event



Cuba's Vice President Salvador Valdés Mesa (with arms raised) acknowledges cheers from the audience on his arrival (All Photos by Alex Masereka Joel)

Uganda Christian University in Mukono marked a historic milestone on Saturday, 20th January 2024, as it played host to an event celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between Uganda and Cuba.

Cuba’s VP Salvador Valdes Mesa (R) was received by Mr. David Mugawe, UCU Deputy Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

The event drew significant attention and was graced by high-profile dignitaries, with Cuba’s Vice President, H.E Salvador Valdes Mesa, as chief guest.

Mr. David Mugawe receives Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E Bruno Rodriguez

Accompanying the Cuban Vice President was a distinguished delegation from the Cuban government, which included the Foreign Affairs Minister, H.E Bruno Rodriguez, and Cuba’s Ambassador to Uganda, H.E Tania Perez Xiques.

Cuba’s VP was given a guided tour of the university

The occasion also witnessed the presence of Uganda’s Ambassador to Cuba, H.E Elizabeth Musaazi, adding a further diplomatic significance to the celebration.

The day commenced with a vibrant morning workshop where participants engaged in discussions centered around the enduring relationship between Uganda and Cuba.

Notable figures participating in the workshop included Daniel Rugarama, the Chairman of the Pan African Movement Uganda Chapter, Newton Balenzi, a PAM administrator, Dr. Roland, and Ms. Tania Corrales Figuredo, a representative from the Cuban government.

UCU’s Deputy VC Mr. David Mugawe spoke of the possibility of collaborating with Cuba

Vice President Mesa referred to the island nation’s efforts to face the obstacles imposed by the US blockade, while thanking the Ugandan brothers for their permanent support to Cuba.

The event was not only a platform for discussions but also served as a moment to recognize and appreciate individuals and institutions that have demonstrated unwavering solidarity with Cuba over the years.

Awards were presented to those who have played a pivotal role in fostering the bond between the two nations.

Cuba’s VP H.E Salvador Valdes Mesa addressing the conference in which he hailed Uganda – Cuba relations

Furthermore, the occasion doubled as the National Meeting of Solidarity Movements with Cuba, emphasizing the broader impact of the enduring friendship on a national level.

The university, strategically located 21km from Uganda’s capital, Kampala, showcased its commitment to the celebration.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor of Uganda Christian University was also present, personally guiding the Cuban Vice President through a comprehensive tour of the institution upon his arrival.

H.E Salvador Valdes receives a gift from the UCU Deputy VC

As the sun set on this momentous day, the event at Uganda Christian University left an indelible mark, not only as a celebration of diplomatic ties but also as a testament to the enduring friendship between Uganda and Cuba that has flourished over five decades.

Honorable Judith Alyek (L) receives a certificate of recognition from Ambassador Tania


Cuba’s VP pins the Friendship Medal on Daniel Rugarama, the Chairman Pan African Movement, Uganda Chapter. The chapter was awarded the medal for it’s solidarity with Cuba

Pan African Movement’s Newton Barenzi speaks as Ms. Tania Corrales Figuredo and Dr Roland look on during the morning workshop

Cuba’s Ms. Tania Corrales Figuredo presented on Cuba’s state formation

Alex Masereka Joel received the “Abrazando la Amistad” seal of friendship from Cuba’s Institute of Friendship with the Peoples


Rt. Hon. Kaboyo M. Grace (L) the Secretary General of Pan African Women’s Organization was also recognised


UNSA President Francis Okot also received recognition

Uganda National Students Association was represented by its President Francis Okot and VP Ikiriza Gold

Uganda – Cuba Think Tank’s Ian Gumisiriza Jeremiah

UCU’s Guild President

NRM’s Awich Polar gets the party’s certificate from Cuba’s Ambassador

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